Just for fun audio spectroscilloscope-thingy.

After working with the fast TFT updates for another project I wanted to make some kind of demo that would show the code in action. At the same time I was learning to use Fusion 360 so I decided to make a demo of both 3D printing and the code.

Made this device:

The dives contains a ESP32 module (LOLIN D32 Pro), 1.8′ TFT screen, microphone module and some buttons. Since the ESP32 module had onboard battery management I also added a small LiPo cell.

Inside the device
Extra bits

This is the small demo I made for the device:

At this time of writing I do not have a specific purpose for the device. If you think the device may be useful for something or you just want to experiment I have made some getting-started code and included the .stl files of the device.

Get the project files here (as-is, no support).






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