Turning a gas powered tiller into a cart

Had this old tiller sitting in the shed. It was no good for tilling so…

Found some wheelchair wheels that just happened to fit on the shafts. The cutters was just held on by a pin and came off easily.

Made some makeshift fixing for the wheels and took it for a spin..

The tiller has a worm gear between the clutch and the wheels. This means that as soon as you disengage the clutch the wheels just stops dead. In other words it does not coast. Also turning would be problematic with a rigid axle. I thought that rather than building a differential I would just let one wheel run free ano only power the other. This however didn’t solve my coasting problem.

In the end I opted for making a ratchet mechanism that would let the shaft drive the wheel in one direction and let it slip in the other:

Made one for each wheel, flipping the parts for the other side:

This simple solution worked beautifully:

I stripped down the tiller to find mounting points. I used laser cut board to test the dimentions:

To mount the motor to some kind of cart I made this part:

An old ladder and some wheelchair wheels became the cart:

Time for a test ride:

I still didn’t have any brakes but I found some replacement wheelchair wheels with built in brakes and swapped for them:

Using brake cables and handles from various mobility gear I connected the brakes. Also an old wheelchair became the seat:

This project was part of a fleet of mobility inspired vehicles for the “Handicamp” at Roskilde festival 2019.

Here are some more stuff that was part of this event:










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