Turning a gas powered tiller cart electric…

After building the gas powered tiller cart I realized that a lot of places does not like the smell noise and fire hazard of petrol engines. Time for going green on the tiller cart.

I found some mobility scooter motors with integrated wheels and made a mount that fitted directly to the trailer I made for the gas powered unit:

Since the front now only had one wheel and the axis of steering was well behind the wheel it became dangerously unstable. Instead I had to somehow move the steering axis right  ontop the wheel.

Made these upgrades:

I re used the bracket from the gas powered tiller setup but flipped it upside down to get more space for the wheel.

Batteries and motor controller could now be installed in the front.

A potentiometer and some switches to control the motor.

I now had a fun vehicle that can be driven both with petrol and electric and I ended having a lot of fun with it that summer:

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