Cheap DIY thermal imager

I know that a lot of people has done this but when I received a small break out board with the MLX90640 thermal imager chip I couldn’t resist the thought of making a small handheld device. I started with these bits:

A 128×128 pixel IL1351 based OLED screen from “Adafruit”,  a LOLIN32 ESP32 board and the thermal imager board.

I started by printing a shell for the screen and imager:

My printer is quite small so I printed additional handle parts as separate pieces and screwed these to the front and back of the imager:

A tactile switch provides a bit of interactivity:

The ESP32 board slots into the handle:

Overall I am pretty pleased with the result:

Here is the Arduino code for the project. WARNING IT’S A UNFINISHED MESS!! (connections are listed in the source) Here are the .STL files for the shell (let me know if you make something).




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