Petrol engine fun over New Year’s

Ebay kit

Convert-your-bike-into-a-scooter engine kit

Bought a convert-your-bike-into-a-scooter engine kit for my son for the holidays. Thought he should have the last chance to experience petrol engines before they go away.

We were learning Autodesk Fusion360 so we thought we would try to “measure twice cut once ” and draw up something before building:

Full of inspiration we went to FabLabRUC and went nuts for two days. Having access to materials and an awesome metal cutting fibre laser we ended up with this result:

Scooter V1.0

Everything is made from 60×60 mm aluminium pipe and 3mm. laser cut steel. We were originally going to use the back end of a bike but it turned out it was easier to build the back fork from scratch.

Build and test pictures here.

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