RCTP roll cage and progress

After a stupid accident I decided to protect the propeller of the Reaction Control Test Platform.

Using 1mm. carbon rods I made a cage that surrounds the propeller. The cage only add 4,9 gram to the structure but is still very strong should easily keep stuff out of the blades.
Total weight now 295,4 gram.
After completing a preliminary firmware for the device I have now flown it a couple of times.
As expected it has a tendency to wobble. This is caused by the gyroscopic force of the propeller. I have designed the firmware so that i can offset the angle between the IMU  thrust vectoring vanes. This should allow me to compensate for these forces.
Right now the flight controller is loaded with a conservative set of control parameters but still seems fairly stable. Over the next couple of days i will be optimizing the system and have more flight testing.



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